The open call for applications in 2021 comprises 12 million Swedish and 6.5 million Norwegian kronor. 60 percent of the funding is reserved for the research area ”veterinary medicine, animal science, and technology science”, while 40 percent is reserved for the research area ”social science and humanities”.

The call is composed in two stages. In stage 1, the applicant submits a concept overview with focus on relevance for the horse and the horse industry. A number of applicants are invited to submit full scientific applications in stage 2. All applications in both stages are assessed by the review panel for that research area.

A handbook for applicants and reviewers, especially created for the Swedish-Norwegian Foundation for Equine Researchis aavailable. Also, the Foundation has created templates to enable more efficient writing of reports during ongoing projects. One template for application for continued funding, and one template for the final report.

We encourage projects in collaboration between researchers in Sweden and Norway, and between competence areas/departments and the practical horse sector. We welcome applications in both main research areas. The application must include the proposed project’s effect on horse welfare as well as a description of a plan for dissemination of results for practical implementation. All parts of the research program are covered within the current call, where each program area now includes a separate focus area for: The horse’s welfare in the use of and communication with the horse, to clarify its high relevance to the foundation.

Please note that for jointly financed and exclusively Norwegian projects there are specific instructions that you will find in the foundation´s application system.

Maximum level of funding is 1 million per year in average over the project time, over a maximum period of 3 years. For Swedish-Norweigan projects the total maximum is 2 millions per year, over 3 years. The amounts include overhead costs. Each main applicant may submit one application per call. Due to a limited funding budget to cover a wide research programme, odds of funding may improve slightly if project funding level below maximum is applied for.


Stage 1
In stage 1 the applicant submits a concept overview, which will be assessed based on relevance and beneficial potential by the review panel. The stage 1 concept overview must be written in English, with a summary Swedish or Norwegian. If a project is in need of using experimental horses in their research, it needs to be stated why and in what way already in stage 1.

Stage 2
A number of applicants will subsequently be invited to submit a full research application, which will be assessed based on relevance and scientific quality. The stage 2 application must be written in English. In stage 2, and only in this stage, CV of applicants should be submitted, as well as an assurance from their employer that they will administer any funding received from the foundation, ”Form for signature”.

To apply for funding, please go to the foundation´s application system. For further information please contact the secretariat.

For application instructions and information of criteria in the evaluation process, please read the Foundation’s handbook. Applications that do not follow the instructions in the handbook will be automatically rejected.

To the application system

A yearly application for continued funding must be submitted for all ongoing projects, according to instructions in the Foundation’s handbook.

In stage 2 an assurance from must be submitted by the applicant’s employer that they will administer any funding received from the foundation, ”Form for signature”.

Form for signature

  • April 1st at 12,01 AM – Stage 1 of the call for proposals opens
  • June 3rd at 2 PM – Deadline for submitting a concept overview
  • August 27th 12,01 AM – Stage 2 of the call for proposals opens
  • October 1st 12 PM – Deadline for submitting applications
  • December 2021 – The board of the foundation decides which applications will receive funding

The foundation’s research programme is divided into two research areas:

Veterinary medicine, animal science, and technology science

• Health
• Reproduction
• Feeding, breeding, and management
• Technical development
• Welfare in the use of- and communication with the horse

 Social science and humanities

• The horse impact on humans
• The horse impact on society
• The horse impact on the environment
• Welfare in the use of- and communication with the horse

Suggested areas within each research area are listed in an appendix to the foundation’s research programme.


Handbook 2021

This handbook is for applicants for projects to The Swedish-Norwegian Foundation for Equine Research. It is also relevant for members of the review panels. The handbook contains instructions about the application process and criterias of assessment.

Ladda ner Format: pdf Storlek: 1.9 MB

Template application for continued funding

Template for the yearly application for continued funding for all projects in progress, this must be submitted according to the foundations instructions. Deadline for submitting applications for continued funding is October 1st, at 12 PM.

Ladda ner Format: docx Storlek: 2.5 MB

Template final report

Template for the final report.

Ladda ner Format: docx Storlek: 2.5 MB

Contact persons
Stiftelsen Lantbruksforsknings kansli Stiftelsen Lantbruksforskning´s secretariat
Lina Bengtsson Forskningssekreterare
Siri Anzjøn Norges Forskningsråd/The Research Council of Norway
Finansiärer och samarbetspartners

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