Handbook for applicants

Stiftelsen Lantbruksforskning´s handbook, from page 11 and onward, is in large parts applicable for The Swedish-Norwegian Foundation for Equine Research as well. There are however a number of important exceptions.

Den här informationen är även tillgänglig på svenska.

General differences

No requirement for applicants from multiple organisations

The foundation encourages Swedish-Norwegian applications but does not require applicants from multiple organisations.

Norwegian kronor and Norwegian as application language

For Swedish-Norwegian applications ”Swedish” and ”SEK” is to be understood as ”Swedish or Norwegian” and ”SEK or NOK”. This is also apparent in the application system. Special instructions apply for Norwegian funding, there is information about this in the application system as well.

Specific expressions

Some expressions in the handbook are specific for Stiftelsen Lantbruksforskning, you can ignore those: The knowledge chain, sector areas, focus areas, innovation system.

The proposed projects potential for economic return doesn’t have to be described in applications to the foundation.

The foundation has two programme areas: ”Veterinary medicine, animal science, and technology science” and ”Social science and humanities”.

A review panel per programme area

The foundation has two review panels, one per programme area. The same review panel assesses the concept overview in stage 1 as well as the full research application in stage 2.

The foundation´s review panel (in Swedish)

The limitation to overhead cost does not apply

The limitation to overhead cost of 25 % is not applicable.

Access to the application system

You access the application system through hastforskning.se

Specific differences

1.2 The concept overview shall be written in English with a summary in Swedish or Norwegian.

1.3.1 One main applicant per country is required for Swedish-Norwegian projects.

1.3.3 The maximum overhead cost is not applicable for the Swedish part of Swedish-Norwegian projects. We refer to The Research Council of Norway for the Norwegian part: sia@forskningsradet.no.

1.3.5: The second point in the bulleted list is not applicable.

1.3.6: The fifth point in the bulleted list is not applicable.

1.7 & 1.8.1: The foundation grants funding for one year at the time. In the yearly application for continued funding (”status report” in the handbook) the project´s economy must also be described.

1.8.4 Swedish-Norwegian projects must be presented in their entirety in the final report.

1.8.5: When publishing results from your project, you must mention the funding from The Swedish-Norwegian foundation for Equine Research! This is also the case in contacts with media.

Stiftelsen Lantbruksforskning´s handbook

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