The applications for research grants are assessed by the review panels, after which the foundation’s board makes a decision on grants based on the proposal.

The foundation’s research secretary is the secretary of both review panels.

REVIEW PANEL - Veterinary medicine, animal science and technology science

Michael Murphy, Agr Dr. Animal Science

Panel members
Dominik Burger, DVM Equine reproduction, Swiss Institute of Equine Medicine ISME, University of Berne
Kathrin F. Stock, PD Dr. habil. Animal breeding and genetics, VIT (IT Solutions for Animal Production, Verden, Germany)
Teresa Hollands, PhD in Equine nutrition, University of Surrey, UK.
Maarten Oosterlinck, DVM (ECVS, ECVSMR) Surgery, sports medicine and rehabilitation, Univ of Ghent
John Pringle, Prof Emeritus Equine medicine
Lena Malmgren, Ass Prof. Equine obstetrics and gynecology
Britt-Marie Steenari, Ass Prof, Chalmers, Gothenburg
Siri Furre, PhD in horse breeding, MSc in animal science
Anna Valros, Prof. in Animal welfare, Univ of Helsinki

REVIEW PANEL - Social science and humanities

Mats Greiff, Prof. History, Malmö Univ, trotting horse experience

Panel members
Nora Schuurman, Adj. Prof. Human-animal relations, Univ. of Turku/Eastern Finland
Gunilla Silfverberg, Prof. Emeritus Medical care ethics in animal based rehabilitation, Marie Cederschiölds högskola
Timo Sipiläinen, Prof. Agricultural economics, Univ of Helsinki, Finland
Eva Søndergaard, PhD in Equine behavior and management, Aarhus university
Carl Dyrendahl, Horse sector business development, horse owner/breeder
Bente Berget, Assoc. Prof in Health promotion, focusing on green care, Univ. South-Eastern Norway
Hilde Hauge Langeland, PhD public health/equine assisted activities, MSc in Animal Science

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