Call for applications

The Swedish-Norwegian Foundation for Equine Research welcomes applications for research projects, in the annual call for proposals. The call is composed of two stages. In stage 1, the applicant submits a concept overview with focus on relevance for the horse and horse industry. All concept overview are assessed by a review panel. A number of applicants are invited to submit full scientific applications in stage 2.

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Priorities and this years news

60 percent of the funding is reserved for the research area ”veterinary medicine, animal science, and technology science”. The research area has two priorities this year:

  • Equine welfare
  • Alternative treatments and other non evidence-based methods

40 percent of the funding is reserved for the research area ”social science and humanities”. The research area has two priorities this year:

  • The horse as a resource in a sustainable societal development
  • Horse-assisted therapy, with two subheadings – socioeconomic consequences and treatment methods and options

The total amount of the call is 12,5 million Swedish kronor and 6 million Norwegian kronor.

This year there will be additional funding available from Ann Kern Godal’s memorial fund, for projects about horse-assisted therapy. To be eligible, the proposed projects must address either socioeconomic consequences or treatment methods and options. In addition, the funding must either finance doctoral studies or a postdoc. The total special funding may consist of up to 500 000 Norwegian kronor annually during three years. The foundation and the memorial fund will together decide which projects are to be granted funding among the applications that match the requirements. About Ann Kern Godal’s memorial fund (in Swedish).

The earlier limitation of overhead cost to 25 percent is no longer applicable.

The concept overview shall be written in English with a summary in Swedish or Norwegian.

Important dates and times

  • April 3rd at 11 A.M. – Stage 1 of the call for proposals opens
  • June 11th at 3 P.M. – Deadline for submitting a concept overview
  • September 3rd at 11 A.M – Stage 2 of the call for proposals opens
  • October 1st, at 3 P.M. – Deadline for submitting a full research application
  • December 13th, 2018 – The board of the foundation decides which applications will receive funding

Research areas

The foundation’s research programme is divided into two main areas:

Veterinary medicine, animal science, and technology science

  • Health and welfare
  • Reproduction
  • Feeding, breeding, and horsekeeping

Social science and humanities

  • The horse’s role for humans
  • The horse’s role for society
  • The horse’s role for the environment

60 % of the funds available are reserved for the main research area Veterinary medicine, Animal science, and Technology science. 40 % of the funds are reserved to the main research area Social science and Humanities.

Suggestions on prioritized research areas in each main research area are listed in an appendix to the research programme.

The Horse Industry Research Programme 2016-2019


We encourage projects in collaboration between researchers in Sweden and Norway, and we welcome applications in both main research areas.

The application must include the proposed project’s effect on horse welfare as well as a description of a plan for dissemination of information.

In stage 1 the applicant submits a concept overview, which will be assessed based on relevance and beneficial potential.

The stage 1 concept overview  must be written in English, with a summary Swedish or Norwegian. (No CV is to be submitted in stage 1.)

A number of applicants will subsequently be invited to submit a full research application, which will be assessed based on relevance and scientific quality. The stage 2 application must be written in English.

In stage 2 the applicants must also submit an assurance from their employer that they will administer any funding received from the foundation, ”blankett för underskrift”.

Please note that for jointly financed and exclusively Norwegian projects there are specific instructions that you will find in the foundation´s application system.

The assessment criteria are the same as Stiftelsen Lantbruksforskning’s, which you can find in their handbook (updated 2018). Please note that the handbook is not applicable for the foundation in its totality. Here you can find more information about this.

A yearly application for continued funding must be submitted for all projects in progress, according to the foundations instructions.

Concept overviews and applications must be submitted through the foundation´s application system.

Stiftelsen Lantbruksforsknings kansli Stiftelsen Lantbruksforskning´s secretariat
Peter Kallings Forskningschef/Research director
Siri Anzjøn Norges Forskningsråd/The Research Council of Norway
Finansiärer och samarbetspartners

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